We serve people and companies and contribute to a better life

We are an international company with a global presence, built on family values and best-in-class client service in insurance and risk management.

Our story

RENOMIA, founded by Jiřina Nepalová and her sons Jiří and Pavel in 1993, is one of the leading international providers of insurance and risk management services. The company aspires to give its clients unparalelled service coupled with a deep insight of the market.  Originally a Czech family business, RENOMIA has already accumulated a wealth of professional experience, and innovated itself into a successful corporation...

History of RENOMIA

Key milestones


We serve people and companies and contribute to a better life.


  • Good relationships
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • Development
  • Passion

Vision 2030

We represent certainty. The best service and the best team is always on the client's side. Read more...

Jiřina Nepalová, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Ing. Ondřej Witowski, Member of the Board and Director of RENOMIA NETWORK
Jiří Nepala, Managing Partner and Vice-chairman of the Executive Committee

Vyvienne Yvonne Alexandra Wade

Member of the Supervisory Board

Pavel Nepala, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Executive Committee

Mgr. Michael Granát

Member of the Supervisory Board

Michal Čajka, Managing Partner and member of the Supervisory Board
Vilém Matyáš, Member of the Executive Committee and Director for strategic cooperation
Vilém Matyáš, Director for strategic cooperation
Michal Holzer, Sales Director RENOMIA GROUP and Global Services Director
Michael Dubský, Client Services Director
Julius Ferianc, Chief Information Officer 

Julius Ferianc

Chief Information Officer 

Klára Kodua, International Operations Director
Martin Loubr, Director RENOMIA BENEFIT a.s.
Ondřej Witowski, Director of RENOMIA NETWORK, Czech Republic

Ing. Petr Vacek

Chief Financial Officer

Ivo Matuška, Branch Director, Czech Republic

Jan Fišer

marketing director

Ing. Renata Stříteská

HR director

Michael Dubský, Client Services Director
Miroslav Holub, Sales Director
Klára Kodua, International Operations Director
Tomáš Tragan, Risk Management Director
Jaromír Veselovský, Legal Department Director
Jiří Havelka, Director RENOMIA AGRO
hynek Rasocha, Director RENOMIA Trade Credit
Ondřej Frič, Claims Settlement Diretor

Ing. Martin Ivan, Ph.D.

Claims Settlement Director

Michal Holzer, Global Services Director
Jiří Čech, IT Director

Ing. Ondřej


Ing. Radek Bureš

Director of Vehicle Insurance CEE

Ing. Renata Stříteská

HR director

Ing. Martin Kopecký

Director of Vehicle Insurance CZ

Ing. Vilém Matyáš

Director for strategic cooperation

Jan Fišer

marketing director

Ing. Petr Vacek

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Peter Takáts, Country Manager RENOMIA Hungary
Gheorghe Grad, Country Manager RENOMIA Romania
Roman Gašpárek, ředitel pobočky RENOMIA Liberec
Martin Michal, Country Manager RENOMIA Slovakia
Monika Minkova, Country Manager RENOMIA Bulgaria
Akoš Barna, Country Manager RENOMIA Serbia
Ivo Matuška, Country Manager RENOMIA Czech Republic

People in RENOMIA

Diversity is what makes our RENOMIA team excellent: 

  • professionalism: our people are consumate professionals in many areas of insurance 
  • industry expertise: they have a background in leading corporations
  • age diversity: we employ talented graduates as well as seasoned professionals
  • nationalities: own-brand branches in ten countries of Europe, membership in international networks and brokers all over the world

We aspire to give our clients the best service. Want to join us? Visit the Career section.

Pojišťovací makléři RENOMIA v zasedací místnosti v Praze Florentinu


RENOMIA is an international company that provides services in the field of insurance and financial consulting. It has its own branches in ten European countries and, through its partners, it operates all over the world. The specialized companies that make up RENOMIA GROUP provide their clients with professional services in various fields

International services

  • RENOMIA is an international company with a family business ethos.
  • Our clients enjoy unparalelled service all over the world.
  • We foster good relationships with leading international brokers and broker networks.
  • We are building a network of own-brand branches in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Through our RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS service platform, we have strategic affiliate partners in Europe and Asia.
Zasedání mezinárodního výkonného výboru

RENOMIA in numbers

551 million EUR



mediated premiums

corporate clients

settled claims

We help

logo nadace Hlas srdce
Corporate social responsibility is our chance to help - this is why we have Hlas srdce, our foundation.
logo Nadace Terezy Maxové dětem
Our partnership with Nadace Terezy Maxové
is one of our key philanthropic activities.


RENOMIA is a member of leading insurance broker associatoins in a number of countries where it operates:  AČPM and FBN in the Czech Republic, SASP in Slovakia, BAIB in Bulgaria, FBAMSZ in Hungary, PRBAR and UNSICAR in Romania.