International insurance services anywhere in the world

Do you do business outside the Czech Republic? Are you planning an international expansion? You can rely on RENOMIA anywhere in the world.

Global Services

RENOMIA has a Global Services department staffed with professionals with many years of experience in international insurance markets and insurance programmes. 

We manage hundreds of international insurance programmes and we speak eight languages. We are a partner in many of the world's leading broker networks - we are ideally positioned to arrange the best insurance solutions built around the specific needs of our clients.  
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Pobočka RENOMIA Brno poskytující služby na celém světě

We span the world...

RENOMIA has branches in thirteen European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Latvia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Lithuania) but our expertise and experience works for you anywhere in the world.

By partnering with RENOMIA, you can take advantage of the best terms and conditions the insurance market has to offer, and you will always be up to date with the developments in the insurance market. RENOMIA is a globally respected insurance partner in your service.

...but our feet are firmly planted in the region

We started RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS, a unique service platform, to offer our clients and clients of our international partners best-in-class service in Central and Eastern Europe, with unparalelled regional coverage and scope of services.
We learn abroad and bring the global expertise and trends back to Central and Eastern Europe - we innovate the regional market. 

With its international expertise, RENOMIA offers:

  • professional assistance in the event of a claim in a foreign country
  • access to the most competitive offers in the global reinsurance market for large or special risks
  • comprehensive international insurance (credit insurance, investment insurance, transportation inurance, travel insurance and other insurances, depending on your specific needs)
  • access to a truly global insurance cover for corporations present in multiple markets
  • up-to-date information on the developments in the global insurance market and local legislation in many countries
  • professionala know-how, education, international expertise
  • international insurance programmes managed in line with teh best international practice and international compliance
  • assistance with organising onsite risk audits abroad and participation at such audits

Any type of client can take advantage of RENOMIA Global Services:


prefer to be served by one partner everywhere, and enjoy the same standard of service, transparent communication and single access in all their markets

Regional champions

ready to take on the world and are looking for a partner who can give them the same standard of service they have grown accustomed to at home

Local businesses

can benefit from an international solution, too. By partnering with us, they get access to products which are not available on the local market

Michal Holzer, global services director

Need insurance abroad or want to equire about what we can do for you in this respect? Contact RENOMIA GLOBAL SERVICES

Ing. Michal Holzer
Global Services Director
+420 774 142 672