Professional risk management

Enjoy the peace of mind with professional risk management from RENOMIA.

Risk Management

RENOMIA RISK MANAGEMENT is in service of your prosperity. We will assist you with risk identification, analysis and management for your business and its stability and risk-controlled development.

RENOMIA team of experienced risk engineers use standards, proven methods and international expertise to design a comprehensive financing scheme for all your insurable risks and a plan to control uninsurable risks.

Risk manažer RENOMIA ve výrobním závodě
Tomáš Tragan, risk manažer RENOMIA, ve výrobním závodě

Risk management delivers quantifiable results

By partnering with RENOMIA you benefit from:

  • more reliable and safe operation
  • more effective investments in your operation
  • more value for your investment in insurance
  • loss prevention
  • improved image

We assess risk mainly the following risk areas:

  • natural hazard - damage to property
  • business interruption due to natural hazard or technical malfunction
  • liability
  • environmental damage
  • natural disasters
  • theft or burglary
Risk manažeři RENOMIA ve výrobním závodě
Risk manažeři RENOMIA ve výrobním závodě


  • we work to help you grow
  • we have a deep understanding of specific risks involved in your business, and we actively assess them
  • we make independent recommendations how you can improve your risk control and containment
  • our advice and recommendations can save you considerable amounts of money - even a small omission or underestimation of a risk can lead to major liability claims or losses of property
  • our in-house team of experienced risk engineers performs hundreds of comprehensive risk audits a year
  • we have access to international expertise and we use international methods and standards 

Risk management services

  • analysis of risks specific for your business
  • regular onsite risk audits followed by risk analysis of all your operations
  • recommendation of specific risk mitigation actions
  • security audit
  • business continuity and contingency planning
  • catalogue of your specific risks, including preventive and corrective actions 
  • consulting in the area of risk identification, analysis and management integrated into the management of your business
  • risk management training
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Risk manažer RENOMIA před obřím rypadlem povrchového dolu

Our services add value to your business

  • insurance cover made to measure for your business at competitive rates
  • prevention and consulting in the area of risk management and mitigation of insurable and uninsurable risks
  • improvement of your claim history through regular risk map updates as part of our long-term partnership
  • savings of your operating security costs
  • service quality, professionalism and expertise of our RENOMIA risk engineers


 We support our clients with risk management consultations and advice

We analyze risks

related to property, business interruption, liability, environmental damage and many others.

We monitor your risks and keep your risk catalogue up to date

through regular risk audits on the site, so that we can propose the most adequate way of risk mitigation and financing, to help the sustainable growth of your business.

We evaluate risks

by comparing the risk audit findings to the best industry practice, and we make recommendations how to mitigate your risks.

We support the risk-controlled growth of your business

we help our clients with assessing the risks of new projects - we want to prevent risks before they occur.

We cooperate in risk management

by offering consultations in the area of risk identification, analysis and management integrated in the management of your business.

We keep your property secure

we offer theft risk audits for your property.

We help you recover

we will consult on your contingency and business continuity plans, so that you can quickly restore your operations after incidents.

We protect your investments

we will advise how to make effective and efficient investments in your operating security.

International Certification

Tomáš Tragan, ředitel oddělení risk management

Consult your operating or security risks with us anytime! Contact RENOMIA RISK MANAGEMENT.

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Director, Risk Management
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