RENOMIA Trade Credit

We prevent situations in business which you have not bargained for.

You play fair, but there is no guarantee that everyone does. Protracted default is a common vice. But with RENOMIA, you can insure yourself against the risk of uncertainty.

We help clients mitigate their risk of financial losses due to credit default as a result of insolvency or protracted default. Our experienced RENOMIA Trade Credit team has a proven track record in the field and cooperates with all insurers in the market - so that they can deliver always have the best insurance solution - and the best terms. 

Trade credit insurance benefits: 

  • Buyer information
  • Monitoring and evaluation of risks on the part of the customer
  • Collection irrespective of  territory
  • Compensation for defaulted receivables
  • Use insurance for financing
  • Stabilization of cash flow
  • Improved collection

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  • Single Risk insurance
  • Top-​up cover
  • Medium and Long Term Credit
  • Political risk insurance
  • Alternative EGAP products (upplier Credit, Buyer Credit financed by a bank)

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