Motor and fleet

You are a careful driver, but you are not alone on the road. Nobody on the road is safe from risk.

RENOMIA specialists are your trusted partner in the area of motor and fleet insurance - they will always recommend the best cover at the best terms the market has to offer.

With the help of modern technology, RENOMIA provides effective insurance cover and premium service to individual and business owners and operators of motor vehicles and trailers. From the broad range of products on the market, our RENOMIA specialists will help you choose third party motor liability, accident insurance and a combination of additional insurances which are the right fit for you.

Main risks: 

  • Road accidents
  • Animal collision
  • Defects
  • Loss or destruction of luggage
  • Windscreen damage

Related products

  • Third party motor liability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Car theft insurance
  • Natural hazards insurance
  • Vandalism insurance
  • Road assistance
  • Windscreen and glass insurance
  • Passenger injury insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Replacement car
  • GAP
  • Legal protection insurance (LPI)
  • Extended warranty
  • Business equipment rider insurance with vehicle accident insurance
  • Animal damage of a stationary vehicle
  • Animal collision
  • No fault accident insurance
  • Tyre insurance

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