Medical & Pharmacy

You work hard to protect your patients - so why not protect your business, too?

In terms of business risks, healthcare and pharmacy are two highly exposed service sectors. Human health and lives are often at stake, so the risks are immense. This situation calls for RENOMIA expertise and experience.

Whether you are a large general hospital, specialized clinic, medical equipment manufacturer, pharmaceutical producer or distributor, pharmacy, professional association, society or a chamber, RENOMIA MEDICAL specialists will readily design your insurance programme and give you the best terms and conditions the market has to offer. RENOMIA MEDICAL is an end-​to-​end service of insurance, claims settlement and risk management.

RENOMIA has a deep understainding of the medical and pharmacy sector and reinsurance with international insurers and reinsurers. RENOMIA MEDICAL specialists have an overview of all insurance products on the market, and they can design a comprehensive package that evolves around your needs.

Specific risks associated with pharmacy: 

  • insurance of samples and inventory
  • business interruption due to damage to clinical samples
  • clinical trials liability insurance is a special insurance product that covers mainly: 
    • damage to health or loss of life of patients as a result of clinical trials, provided the investor, sponsor or laboratory is liable by law for any such damage or loss
    • costs of legal representation

Clinical safety compliance comes at a great cost. Pharmaceutical research, production and distribution companies are exposed to the highest risk of damage to human or animal health.

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