Building can be free of risk with RENOMIA by your side. RENOMIA insurance programmes keep all your construction risks under control.

RENOMIA CONSTRUCTION specializes in risk management and insurance consulting in construction. A team of experienced professionals will custom-​build an insurance solution around your individual needs and requirements. The added value is the know-​how of our specialists who have a perfect knowledge of what the market has to offer in construction insurance - so that you always get the best cover at the best terms. 

Main risks: 

  • Construction all risks/​Erection all risks (CAR /​ EAR) during the construction or erection and after completion
  • property damage on the building, surrounding property and building equipment (e.g. due to natural hazard)
  • liability for damage of all participating entities to third parties and eventual lost profits of the investor
  • risks of delay in initiating or completing the implementation
  • professional liability
  • environmental damage
  • political risk and terrorism risk
  • cargo risk
  • PPP projects
  • 10-​year warranty (latent/​inherent defects)
  • Civil Engineering Completed Risks (CECR)
  • construction bonds

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  • Investor's lost gross profit

  • Liability insurance and defective product
  • Investor's lost gross profit

  • Liability insurance and defective product
  • Political risk insurance

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