So that the energy you put in your business is invested with maximum efficiency.

In terms of risk management, ENERGY is a sector which requires a particularly deep insight of the business. Our RENOMIA specialists have many years of experience which come as a guarantee of the best specialized insurance solutions and unparalleled service for our clients.

We specialize in insurance solutions for power, gas and heat generation and distribution. Our specialists have extensive experience in risk management in the energy sector. Based on a risk analysis, they will design an insurance programme which offers the best fit to the client's specific needs and requirements.

Our insurance solutions for the energy sector:

A good insurance programme for a company in the energy sector is a combination of:

With our experience and direct access to the global insurance market, we are ideally positioned to cover even the most complex insurance risks, such as those related to nuclear energy.   RENOMIA has a network of foreign branches and is a member of the world's leading broker networks. We stand ready to give you the best end-to-end service, including claims settlement – almost all over the world.

Main risk associated with the energy sector: 

  • limited availability of resources
  • high investment requirements
  • price volatility
  • weather volatility
  • legislative changes
  • changes in political direction
  • requirements of international pressure groups

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