Law firms

We will cover all your risks that may arise in your practice - so that you can focus on your clients. 

Professional indemnity and liability for losses incurred in connection with the practice of law are the main risks associated with running a law firm. To protect the clients of law firms, and to improve the enforceability of their claims, the law stipulates that all law practitioners must have a professional liability insurance. This duty applies equally to individiual practitioners and partnerships. RENOMIA specialists will help you calibrate your insurance contract so that it covers all the risks associated with your speciality of law, and goes beyond the scope of insurance required by the law. 

Professional liability insurance covers:

  • financial losses suffered by clients as a result of a breach of statutory duties under industry regulation and generally applicable laws and bylaws

  • costs of legal representation

Main risks of legal practice: 

  • damage to documents taken into care in connection with the practice of law (written documents, plans and accounting ledgers, for example)
  • loss of life, damage to health and property of third parties under general liability for losses in connection with the practice of law
  • losses suffered as a result of actions mandated by or for the benefit of parent, subsidiary or associated entities

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