Sport is healthy only if you mitigate the risks.

Sporting activities often involve the public. For this reason, risk management in sport is a tough discipline. With RENOMIA specialists, you can play fair in your sports business.

RENOMIA SPORT offers a comprehensive insurance for athletes, sporting events, federations or clubs. Our clients get a head start in the form of RENOMIA experience, international know-​how, team of specialists and comprehensive insurance programs for sports organizations, international sports events, professional athletes and members of sports associations.

Main risks: 

  • Event cancellation due to natural hazard
  • End of career due to injury
  • Terrorism

Related products

  • Costs or revenues insurance in the event of cancellation

  • Insurance of one-​off events (e.g. interruption and cancellation of sporting events, liability, property and accident insurance of participants, volunteers and organizers of sporting events)
  • Career ending insurance (for club or athletes)

  • Short-​term income protection insurance (for club or athletes)
  • Prize Indemnity Insurance

  • Individual insurance for athletes
  • Travel insurance
  • Accident insurance

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