IT & Telecommunications

If you are in the business of information technology and telecommunications, you have come to the right place. RENOMIA specialists stand ready to design an insurance cover that best meets your unique needs and requirements.

The main risk associated with doing business in IT and telecommunications is the risk of liability for damage caused by clients as a result of system failure, or a loss or unauthorized use of data.

Claims for damages can reach exorbitant levels, so professional liability insurance is key for IT and telco operators. RENOMIA specialists will help you find the right configuration of insurance that reflects your specific needs.

Professional liability insurance for IT and telecommunications providers covers:

  • violation or negligence, error, omission in connection with the development, production, management and implementation of software

  • hardware, telecommunication technology

  • unintentional violation of intellectual or property rights

  • damage caused by viruses, hackers

  • breach of trust or misuse of information

  • failure of your own system

  • unfair or fraudulent behavior of employees or self-​employed workers directly contracted by the insured company

  • reimbursement of the costs of legal representation of the insured company in litigation and disputes

Commercial and cyber crime risks: 

  • computer fraud
  • cyber extortion
  • counterfeiting
  • falsification of documents and information
  • loss of sensitive client data
  • damage caused by malware in the form of a computer virus or ransomware (e.g. WannaCry)

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