Cyber risk insurance

Protection against the risks of our new digital age.

For many business sectors, internet carries a significant risk of loss or unauthorized use of data. RENOMIA CYBER insurance covers cyber risks and the associated corporate liability for any potential loss or unauthorized use of data or sensitive client informaiton. CYBER is mainly a liability insurance for losses suffered by third parties. We also offer insurance that covers various costs incurred in connection with the loss or unauthorized use of data.  

CYBER is an insurance solution designed with a target group of businesses handling large volume of data in mind: online shops, online betting offices, IT companies (especially cloud service providers), media, utility companies (telecommunications, power, heat, gas, water, etc.), retail, financial services or healthcare providers.


  • third-party liability insurance for breach of protection of personal data or sensitive corporate data and information (insurance benefits are paid to third parties to which the insured is legally liable - third party loss)

  • property insurance in the form of insurance covering various costs to IT, PR and other services (insurance benefits are paid to the insured - first party loss)

Main risks: 

  • responsibility of the company for (sensitive) client, partner and personnel data it collects, stores and uses
  • loss of personal or client data and information is a constant threat to any company - there is a risk of a malicious attack from the outside (hacking) or an internal leak due to negligence or malicious intent on the part of an employee
  • loss of earnings due to disruption of business
  • reputation risk
  • ransomware risk
  • risk of penalization by the regulator (Office for Personal Data Protection) – CYBER can help cover all those risks

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