Export risk and export
finance insurance

Are you looking for:

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  • Help with assessing all risks arising from an export contract or insurance due diligence?
  • An optimal comprehensive insurance program, tailored to the specifics of both the export contract and the import country?
  • Security for export financing acceptable by your financing bank?
  • Coverage for payment and non-payment risks arising from your export contracts?
  • A partner for communication with export credit agencies (ECA – EGAP, SK Eximbank)?
  • An alternative solution to ECA insurance?

RENOMIA specialists will provide:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your insurance needs during all stages of an export contract, or due diligence of your existing insurance program.
  • Assistance with negotiating terms with the export credit agencies, the commercial insurance market and the financing bank.
  • Tailor-made short term to long term (up to 20 year) insurance for all export finance products that are acceptable by commercial banks and thus allow access to the required volume of credit limits for successful completion of the export. 
  • In addition to export finance insurance, other types of insurance (such as Export contract termination, Cargo or CAR)
  • Coverage of various types of risks associated with geopolitical, economic or financial uncertainty of the buyer by the global commercial insurance market.
  • Comprehensive credit insurance to protect you against non-payment by the importer due to bankruptcy, protracted default, or political risks.
  • Highly rated insurance coverage provided by Lloyd‘s of London (Fitch rating A+) in cooperation with our partner Gallagher.

Products of Export finance insurance:

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  • Insurance of receivables from an export contract (trade credit) or purchase of receivables (forfaiting)
  • Buyers’ Credit Insurance
  • Investment Loan Insurance
  • Letter of Credit Insurance
  • Insurance of Bank Guarantees
  • Export Contract Cancellation Insurance
  • Issuance of guarantees required by an export contract (Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment Bond
If you are interested in cooperation in the field of export risk insurance and export financing, please contact our specialists:
Nikola Macošková, Export Risks Specialist
Nikola Macošková, MA
Export Risks Specialist
M: +420 736 513 864
E: nikola.macoskova@renomia.cz
Monika Vilhelmová, Head of Export Risks
Ing. Monika Vilhelmová
Head of Export Risks
M: +420 731 198 037
E: monika.vilhelmova@renomia.cz

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