Klára Kodua, M. A.

International Operations Director/​Managing Partner of

After graduating from the Central European University in Budapest in 1997 Klára Kodua worked in the commercial banking sector. She has worked for RENOMIA since 2001. Until 2005, she was responsible for expanding the international department.

She took part in communication with partners from abroad, preparation of supporting documents and security for large clients.  From 2005, in the position of Business Director, she was responsible for winning new clients and for the methodological support of this department.  Since 2008 till 2015 Klára has held the position of Director of the RENOMIA NETWORK. As well as holding this position, she has also served as Business Director of the RENOMIA GROUP since the beginning of 2013, and in January 2014 she became a member of the Executive Board.

Klára is nowadays International Operations Director and Managing Partner of RENOMIA NETWORK. She is responsible for the management and development of the foreign offices of RENOMIA and the unique service platform RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS.