The RENOMIA story

RENOMIA ranks among the leaders in insurance and risk management. Jiřina Nepalová started the business wiht her sons Jiří and Pavel in 1993. Our ambition is to give our clients unparalelled service coupled with a deep insight of the industry.

Over the course of its history, the family business innovated itself into a professional enterprise with an international presence. All over the world, 1,500 experienced professionals decicate themselves to the needs of our clients, help our clients from various industries grow their business and achieve great results, while always championing their interests.

RENOMIA continuously invests in its own business development and in its people - so that it can give the best to the clients and their business. RENOMIA has also made it a part of its mission to help those who are not so lucky in life. 


We serve people and companies and contribute to a better life. 


Since day one, RENOMIA has had a set of values which are embraced by all our people in everything they do every day. Our key values are: 

  • Good Relationships
  • Reliability
  • Service
  • Development
  • Passion
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Vision 2030: We represent certainty. The best service and the best team is always on the client's side.

  • International and friendly company with family character
  • The most recognized brand that sets trends in their field
  • The best quality and satisfied team, an attractive employer, offering a lifelong career.
  • Clients use services in all areas of our business long-term. We are talking to them using ordinary language, providing them with the greatest added value. We are the first choice for them.
  • Provide reliable service anywhere in the world and use the world know how best
  • Leader in technology and innovation
  • Develop insurance-related services that enhance customer comfort
  • Socially responsible company.