RENOMIA, the leading insurance broker in Central and Eastern Europe, acquires a majority stake in OPTIMUM - Centrum pojištění. Jaromír Hurta, managing director and founder of the Vsetín-based company, decided to strengthen the relationship with RENOMIA after twenty years of building up a successful business.

“We are pleased that when Jaromír got into this stage of his business, when he was thinking about who he would connect with and to whom he would hand over his company, we were his first choice. We have known each other for many years and thanks to membership in the brokerage network RENOMIA NETWORK we can assure all its clients and team of experienced insurance professionals that they can rely on further development of the company,” said Pavel Nepala, Managing Partner RENOMIA.

Jaromír Hurta from OPTIMUM (on the left) and Jiří Nepala (RENOMIA) on signing the contract in Brno.

OPTIMUM and its 9-member team have been operating in Vsetín since 1999 and today celebrates 20 years of market presence. During this time, its service has earned it a strong regional position. The company presently manages premiums of almost CZK 60 million (EUR 2.4 million) for its clients. The Vsetín office will continue to operate at the same address and will now be included in the Ostrava branch of RENOMIA.

“The RENOMIA brand is a guarantee of quality and excellent service for our clients. I am convinced that they will continue to be taken care of perfectly, as well as my team in Vsetín. I want to participate in the running of the company, but I will pass on the management of the branch itself and share this beautiful but sometimes demanding work with a reliable partner. I believe that – thanks to our previous membership in the RENOMIA brokerage network, great people and colleagues in RENOMIA - everything will go smoothly, and everyone will be happy with the outcome,” said Jaromír Hurta, Founder and Managing Director of OPTIMUM - centrum pojištění.