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Pavel Nepala, Managing Partner responsible for RENOMIA Digital Services

"RENOMA has been in the market for 25 years, we have more than 1500 co-operators and partners, we operate in many countries as a leader of the industry. Our mission is amazing, more than insurance: „We serve people and companies and contribute to a better life“. We work in the interest of our clients, web bring them unparalleled insurance conditions such as fast claims settlement and sound and clear information.  

We are no brontosaurus, but fast, modern enterprise continuously investing in its own business development and people and digitization. So that it can provide our clients with the best solutions. At the same time we keep human approach."

RDS is an acronym for RENOMIA Digital Services.  It is also a team responsible for the digital transformation of the insurance market. Our ambition and goals go far beyond Czech and Slovak borders. Our products impact business of partners in several other Central and Eastern European coutries.

We do not build our products from our offices. While transforming our business, we promote user-centered design and design thinking. We go out to meet and test with our users and clients often finding out our estimates were wrong. In such a way we increase efficiency, usability and comfort to our colleagues, business partners and clients.

We follow the latest trends and use the latest digital tools and methods, breaking many of the existing taboos in our industry.

RENOMIA Digital Services is also known for its informal environment, progressive approach and open mindset.

Let us introduce you our RDS team which is on the top of the digital transformation and supports the technological development and education of the whole RG. Come and meet our colleagues – UX designers, project managers, developers or product managers and discuss with them interesting challenges, dynamics, enthusiasm and the latest technologies in the insurance market.

Jakub Česák, Senior UX Designer

"As UX I would like us to be more than just „shifting boxes“. Obviously, interviewing our users, testing, designing basic and aplicable wireframes is still at the core our work. Nevertheless, my aim is that we ourselves come up with MVP proposals, think about the business impact and participate as well to design the product strategy. And what I like beside my job? Basketball, swimming, music, jogging, snowboarding and architecture."

Petr Pejša, Manager IT

„Modern technologies, simplicity and security…these are three priorities of my team we combine to create a well-functioning system supporting the whole firm. It's not an easy task, but thanks to our experienced and perfectly working team, we are doing well. I personally have worked in RENOMIA since 2011 and I still enjoy working here because every day there is a new challenge and thus new opportunity to learn.“

Technologies we use in our team

GitLab: end-to-end software development platform

JIRA: Task & Issue Tracker

React.js: JS Framework

InVision: Prototyping and presentations

Sketch: Graphic Editor

HotJar: Tracking and understanding clients

Hangouts: IM and videoconference

Skype: Videoconference

Office 365: Office management

Miro: Collaborative visual editor

Typescript: Programming language

Trello: Project management

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