Directors and officers liability insurance

D&O insurance mitigates the consequences of errors on the part of members of statutory and supervisory bodies in corporations ans material losses in connection with executive service.

We offer liability insurance for members of statutory and supervisory bodies  under the new Civil Code.

Members of the statutory and supervisory bodies have extensive obligations in relation to the business management and representation of the company. The company or third parties may be exposed to losses as a result of the members' errors, who may be liable, regardless of their fault, with their entire property.

Most common areas of errors: 

  • contractual relationships with suppliers or customers
  • acquisition, reinvestment, group restructuring
  • labor-​law relations
  • relations with shareholders and partners

D&O insurance helps mitigate the consequences of error, and, as a result:

  • significantly cuts the risks assciated with executive service and shields members of corporate bodies from liability

  • cuts the risk of losses losses to the company

  • facilitates the enforcement of liability claims of shareholders, business partners, partners and creditors 

RENOMIA has extensive experience and credentials in directors and officers liability insurance in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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