Construction all risks /​ Erection all risks

Are you an investor or in any way involved in construction or erection projects? Consult with RENOMIA specialists who will recommend the best combination of insurance products.

Construction all risks /​ Erection all risks insurance covers risks that may arise during construction or erection, and is recommended for all who are involved in a construction or an erection project, including the investor. The insurance can be taken out for a specific project or for all projects that meet the conditions.

Construction all risks /​ Erection all risks insurance includes:

  • insurance of material damage to a work, namely due to a natural hazard, theft, vandalism, fall, impact, damage caused by improper handling, improper use
  • liability insurance for property and health damage incurred by third parties in connection with construction or erection
  • insured investor's loss of profits in case of delayed commissioning of the work due to damage to the work

Add-​on cover:

  • damage to the work during the trial operation and the warranty period
  • damage caused by entities involved in the project to each other

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