RENOMIA Wins Insurance Broker of the Year 2013 Award

At the awards ceremony of the Insurance Broker of the Year competition, RENOMIA was selected by the professional public as the best insurance broker, taking first place as the Insurance Broker of the Year 2013! The award was accepted by the company's director, Jiřina Nepalová.

By way of a poll organized by the Czech Insurance Association, a panel of professionals from a number of insurance houses evaluated the insurance broker, primarily taking into account its quality of work, level of communication, expertise and knowledge. Some of the fundamental criteria included the quality of the supporting documentation supplied to the insurance house; the level of communication between the insurance broker and the insurance house, and between the insurance broker and the client; insurance administration; and development of new products. One of the factors leading to RENOMIA's victory was also its contribution towards development of the insurance market.

"Winning the Insurance Broker of the Year 2013 award is a great honour for us, because it proves that not only RENOMIA's clients, but also professionals within the field, value our professionalism and our top-​quality, reliable services. At the same time, the award represents a challenge for us to keep striving for perfection in respect of our services to clients and to increase our expertise in all directions," commented the company's director, Jiřina Nepalová, on winning the award. "I would like to thank all RENOMIA's clients, my colleagues and business partners, all of whom have contributed greatly to our success. I am very glad that we are a good team and that we provide our services in keeping with the company's values and mission," she added.

To see the certificate please click here.