RENOMIA Newly Focuses on Receivables and Guarantees Insurance

RENOMIA, a. s., the Czech leader in insurance brokerage, has strengthened its position in Receivables and Guarantees Insurance and set up a specialized Trade Credit Department of RENOMIA, headed by Ing. Hynek Rasocha.

Receivables Insurance is suitable for industrial or business entities that supply goods or services, and bear the risk of non-​payment from their customers. RENOMIA is aware of this risk and therefore wants to provide its existing and potential clients with an option enabling them to eliminate it. As an extra benefit, this type of insurance allows for verification of customers and recovery of claims, at a very good price compared with other protective instruments.

"This specific type of insurance has neither been developed nor appreciated in the local market yet. To our clients, we bring our high expertise and independent comparison of insurance terms by insurers in the market. Abroad, this has become a very interesting segment, which in Belgium, a country comparable to the Czech Republic in size, is chosen by clients five times as often. Thus we can see a great potential there," commented Ing. Hynek Rasocha, RENOMIA Trade Credit Director on the reasons for the foundation of a new Department.

Another very interesting product and yet not very common in the Czech Republic is the guaranty insurance, which is also provided by the Trade Credit Department of RENOMIA. The target group are mainly larger construction companies or companies supplying large technological units.