RENOMIA has just strengthened its partnership with the JCH Consult insurance brokerage, a member of RENOMIA NETWORK

12. July 2022

After several years of fruitful cooperation within RENOMIA NETWORK, JCH Consult has taken its partnership with RENOMIA to the next level, with RENOMIA becoming its majority owner.

"We’re pleased by every new partnership with quality brokers both inside and outside the Czech Republic. We see each one as a confirmation of our qualities and the values ​​we share with brokers, especially in relation to our clients. Our connection with JCH Consult also attests to the excellent cooperation within RENOMIA NETWORK – the Czech Republic’s largest insurance broker network – of which this brokerage has been a part since 2019," says RENOMIA’s director Jiřina Nepalová.

JCH Consult s.r.o. was founded in 2001. This insurance broker provides comprehensive risk management and insurance services and will continue operating on the insurance market under its own brand. Meanwhile the company’s executives Šárka Černohorská and Petr Černohorský and their team will continue caring for clients and developing its business activities.