RENOMIA at the RIMS Annual Conference in San Diego (USA)

RENOMIA regularly attends global conferences at which it builds relationships with its partners from abroad.

The last of these was the RIMS (Risk Management Society) Conference that took place in San Diego, USA, in the first half of April and was attended by 10,000 visitors from 70 countries worldwide.

Insurers and insurance brokers from around the world came together at the conference, and meetings between individual broker networks such as WBN, Brokerslink, Lockton Global and A. J. Gallagher were also held. 
Some of the conference's focal points were commerce, specialisation development, risk management, company management and building client relationships.

Professionals from many dynamically developing companies, including representatives from RENOMIA, spoke about these topics.

Conferences and personal meetings are a valuable source of know-​how and inspiration for us.

Thanks to its partnerships with brokers from around the world and its participation in conferences of this calibre, RENOMIA has succeeded in making international connections and is a strong partner in the CEE region.