FORBES ranking: RENOMIA is ranked 32nd among the largest family companies in the Czech Republic

5. May 2022

FORBES magazine has published its traditional ranking of the largest family companies in the Czech Republic. Out of 175 companies, RENOMIA took 32nd place this year, so it improved again year-on-year, this time by as much as seven places. Many of the companies that are among the largest Czech family companies are also clients of RENOMIA GROUP. The ranking was published in the May issue of Forbes, where the company's shareholders also have a large profile interview.

"I am pleased that there are so many successful family companies in the Czech Republic that thrive beyond the borders of our country, and that RENOMIA is one of them," says Jiřina Nepalová, the founder of RENOMIA.

"I would like to thank all the employees and associates of RENOMIA GROUP in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for their enthusiasm and efforts to serve our clients. I am pleased that not only with our professional services in the field of insurance and risk management, but also through our VOICE OF THE HEART charity fund, we are fulfilling our mission to serve people and companies and to contribute to a better life,” adds Jiřina Nepalová.

Jiřina Nepalová founded RENOMIA in 1993 together with her sons Jiří and Pavel. Since 2019, Gallagher, founded in 1927 in the USA and still managed by the Gallagher family, has been a strategic partner and a minority shareholder of RENOMIA.