Aviation risk insurance

For airport owners and operators, airlines, aircraft and airline manufacturers, aviation service providers and air traffic control.

Aviation risk insurance is intended for airport owners and operators and also for business entities that are authorized to operate in the following categories:

  • international and domestic air transport
  • operation of aircraft, helicopters and balloons
  • production of aircraft and aircraft components
  • air traffic control, the provision of aviation services, etc.

As a starndard, our aviation risk insurance includes:

  • Aircraft Hull All-​Risks Insurance
  • Aircraft Hull War and Allied Perils Insurance
  • Aircraft Legal Liability Insurance pursuant to EC Regulation 785/​2004
  • Aircraft War Liability

We offer also the following insurances to aviation operators:

  • Aircraft Products Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Air Traffic Control Liability
  • Hangarkeepers Liability
  • Airport Owners and Operators Liability
  • Fuelling Liability

Aviation risk insurance protects the insured in case:

  • losses on aircraft caused by an accident or damage to the aircraft
  • damage to health, life and property caused to passengers and other entities in the event of an aircraft accident
  • damage caused by the delivery of the defective product or the provision of a defective service related to the aeronautical industry

Within the Czech market, RENOMIA has unparalelled experience and credentials in aviation risk insurance.

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