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Our interest in the client does not end when the contract is signed. We continue to monitor your business and come up with recommendations to update your insurances as the market evolves.

RENOMIA specialists design each insurance programme to the measure of every client - based on an analysis of your risks, needs and expectations - to ensure that the result provides optimal cover, offers the most value and minimises the client's risks while keeping his costs reasonable.

Comprehensive insurance programme management includes:

  • insurance programme customized for you and with an insurer of your choice a
  • claims settlement
  • regular review of insurance contracts
  • analysis of insurance terms and conditions, tendering for an insurer
  • training and seminars
  • methodology for effective insurance management and claims settlement
  • review of the quality and scope of insurance policies of suppliers and clients
  • information about developments in the insurance market and changes of legislation
  • handling the client's routine requirements and issues

When we design insurance programmes, it is with these priorities in mind:

  • individual needs, requirements and capacity of the client
  • rigorous risk analysis and presentation to attract the best rates
  • effective insurance cover, sum insured and deductibles
  • standard contractual clauses formulated as to favour the client
  • a choice of insurance alternatives

Comprehensive client service

Risk analysis & riskmanagement Risk reporting for insurance purposesLong-term cooperation helps effective risk analysis and mitigation External specialists and international risk engineers Insurance cover adapted to the situation of your businessCoordinated policiesTendering for the best insurerEvaluation of various options and bids recommending the best solution 24/7 serviceRepresenting the client in dealing with insurers Arranging for an advance paymentin the event of a complex claim Regular reporting and analysis End-to-end insurance contract administrationUpdating of policies Compilation of quotes and pricing during the insurance period in an easy-to-read format Programme designand implementation Claimsettlement Policy management

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