Plant nursery insurance

With our new product, you can take care of your saplings with a peace of mind. We have already thought of everything.

Our RENOMIA and RENOMIA AGRO specialistsare bringing out a new product for tree nurseries. Other products covered only the risks of hailstorms and fire, which most nursery operators found inadequate - and so they preferred not to insure. 

Plant nursery insurance covers against:

  • damage or destruction of fruit trees, shrubs and other cultivated plants in containers or loose soil
  • natural hazards - fire and hailstorms - as a standard
  • additional insurance of other natural nazarads - events such as windstorms, spring frosts, freezing injury, snow and frost, lightning strikes, explosions, floods and innundations
  • supplementary insurance also includes damage or destruction caused by a collision or a fallen aircraft or cargo

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