RENOMIA implements Net Promoter Score in the Czech Republic

Feedback from our clients is the most important thing for us. That is the main reason why we decided to test and launch a new tool, which enables us to get and evaluate the feedback from our clients.

After a thorough analysis we decided to go for NPS (NET PROMOTER SCORE), worldwide recognised metodology used by TOP brands in the world. By email we asked our clients simple question „Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?“

We got responses on a scale 1-10.

As a result, we got interesting clients´ feedback and the pilot project showed us how important is to systematically get feedback and work on customer satisfaction. Currently we are going in live in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and our plan is to implement NPS also in other countries. 

NPS Result we got is 78. (Promoters minus Detractors). In insurance business the NPS is on average 50. For example, Apple has 66, Harley Davidson 81 and 73.

Right now, we decided that every time we do something important for the client he will be notified with NPS request. Not to spam everyone we have put a cap of a maximum 2 NPS emails per year on a client.

Robert Krátký