Barbora Kreisingerova appointed as the new Head of the International Employee Benefits team in RENOMIA

Mrs. Kreisingerova is an experienced professional in the area of employee benefits and she has been with RENOMIA already for almost 8 years. RENOMIA is now officially active in seven European countries with its own branches, and thanks to its service platform RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS operates in 31 countries.

“My key goal is to ensure that RENOMIA provides unified and excellent services in the area of employee benefits across the whole region. Benefits are great for employee motivation and it is proven by research that motivated employees are more loyal and provide better results. I am looking forward to overseeing the excellent benefits solutions that we provide to our clients in the region,” said Barbora Kreisingerová upon her appointment.

Barbora and her team is developing great tailor-​made products for companies and their employees in line with local market knowledge and legal specifications.