Forwarder's liability

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The liability insurance of the forwarder provides comprehensive protection against losses incurred in connection with the provision of transport, for which the forwarder is liable under the relevant legal regulations.

The liability cover can be extended to include:

  • forwarder as a warehousekeeper
  • freight forwarder in the position of the carrier (ie the cases where the freight forwarder takes over the carrier's liability without carrying it himself)

Forwarder's liability insurance covers:

  • damage to things

  • financial losses

  • costs of legal representation of the insured against claims for damages

  • cost of surveying the extent and amount of damage by an average adjuster

  • rescue costs (i.e. the cost of averting an imminent insured event, or mitigating the consequences of an already occurring insured event)

Examples of losses:

  • giving incorrect instructions to he carrier
  • incorrect completion of shipping documents
  • losses resulting from storage, packing of goods
  • incorrectly securing the shipment on the vehicle

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