Drone insurance

Bought a drone and looking forward to the maiden flight? Best get an accident and liability insurance first!

Comprehensive drone insurance is suitable for professionals who use special unmanned aircraft as part of their business activities as well as for amateur drone pilots.

Drone insurance includes:

  • insurance for losses caused by the operation of an unmanned aircraft
  • accident insurance (can only be arranged for newly purchased drones)

Drone accident insurance covers:

  • damage or destruction of the drone during take-​off, flight itself or landing (so-​called all-​risk cover)

  • damage to the drone caused by natural hazards, theft or transportation

  • integrated camera system (camera pod) from the same manufacturer or distributor

Drones eligible for insurance:

  • new, with a maximum take-​off mass of up to 10kg, purchased in the Czech Republic and operated by a natural or legal person residing in the Czech Republic

  • valid only for the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic

  • for commercial purposes, requiring a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority

  • for recreational and sporting purposes, which are not subject to registration

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