Weekend gale – registration of losses and claims for RENOMIA clients

Dear clients, if you were affected by the gale on 28 and 29 October 2017, please report this event as soon as possible to RENOMIA.

All the losses incurred will be resolved by the experienced personnel of our Claims Settlement Department. As part of our client service, we report claims to insurers, arrange site visits and help with documenting losses, including the writing of your claims. We will assist you with an expedient settlement of your claim in the form of an advance or final payment of the loss amount.

When the situation necessitates that the damage is repaired in order to avoid an increase in its scope, and it is not possible to wait for the insurer's adjuster, you have to document the extent of your damage yourself (photo documentation, video recording, witness testimony).

Loss events can be reported to RENOMIA:

  • by telephone - a RENOMIA employee will find the necessary information and explain the process of the claim settlement. Damage can be reported at any time - RENOMIA is available to you 24hours a day. Contact directly the specific RENOMIA staff you are normally in contact with.

  • By e-​mail - it is possible to report damage through a simple e-​mail message. Again, contact RENOMIA staff directly.

  • On-​line reporting - You can access the Contact.RENOMIA extranet application.

If you cannot reach your adjuster or claim administrator, it is possible to use our HOT LINE nonstop:

  • Czech Republic +420 226 219 945

  • Slovak Republic +421 220 909 860

What documents you need and actions you have to make?

  • Notification of loss

  • Receipts, invoices or accounts for the damaged items

  • Inventory of damaged, destroyed things
  • Invoice for repairing the damaged items, itemized
  • Statement of a service company attesting to the irreparability of the item(s) - when the item is destroyed (if this is not apparent from its condition)