Jiřina Nepalová Elected Chairwoman of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers

Jiřina Nepalová, the founder and CEO of RENOMIA, was elected chairwoman of the Board of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers (ACIB). We are proud of her appointment to the Czech Republic’s principal organisation for the profession.

The ACIB Board voted unanimously for Jiřina Nepalová based on her extensive experience and programme. The other Board members are Ivan Špirakus, Ivan Paparega, Jiří Bureš, Zdenka Dufková, Jitka Hradilová and Jan Štok.

Strengthening the good reputation of the insurance broker profession with the aim of having insurance brokers seen as professional advisors who defend their clients’ interests is the mainstay of Jiřina Nepalová‘s programme. Supervising the legislative process and legal regulations to make sure that they support the insurance industry is another important effort.  Monitoring legislation on the European Union level and implementing European regulations in the Czech environment is related to this. Last but not least, she will focus on actively developing relations with BIPAR, the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries.