RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS provides unified services across the CEE region

While this year RENOMIA celebrates 25years on the market, its unique service platform RENOMIA EUROPEAN PARTNERS (REP) has already been active for two years in the CEE region.

REP now associates independent brokers in 31 countries across the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucuses.

“We have now in our care 1800 international insurance programs of our clients, either multinational companies or as I call them regional champions, who are expanding their business activities abroad. Companies which are satisfied with or services in one country are now happy that we provide them with unified high-​level standard services everywhere thanks to REP,” says Alzbeta Gyulaffyova, Director of REP.

Having a one-​stop solution which is coordinated from centralized headquarters in Prague has shown that this idea was the right one. REP now has mediated premiums worth 680 million EUR and 1755 experienced professionals providing their services in 81 offices across the whole region. We are still improving our services and monitoring the development of our members, while never underestimating the importance of education and training.